Welcome! Let’s Eat More Cake!!

Ahh thank you so much for being a part of my Journey. What that journey is…is kinda up in the air ha! But you are here, and we should be friends!

I’m a home baker, a mom x4 (which does not include the ever revolving door of pets), a wife and a #bossbabe . I love fiercely and am passionate about life.

Whether you’re joining me on my Keep Collective journey, or here to get some of my latest recipes…or maybe just get some #truthbombs …I’m so happy that you’ve come!

I will be 100% honest right up front, you will likely never see a really nice image of my cakes (well at least for now lol). Between the tiny kitchen, that inevitably always has piles of stuff on the counters, to the many children who put said piles on the counters, and the endless stacks of laundry… I’m just not that mom. I’m working on it. But this is a judgement free zone. Mostly you can’t judge me. Ha.

Second, You may also get some eff bombs. Probably not because I like to pretend I’m classy, but you might, so I’m posting my disclaimer now. don’t hate me. Please.

 Third, I am all about sharing everything with you. So just ask. I truly believe that in every aspect of life, there is no competition. We can all be successful, and we can all hold each other up.

I can’t wait to get to know you, and share some of my chaos with you 🙂